Create High-Quality Projects with Premium Beat

Are you looking for a new alternative to traditional stock music? Premium Beat offers audio tracks on steroids. It boasts an exclusive music library, curated by experts to complement your audio and video projects. High quality and continuously evolving, the stock site also features a streamlined music licensing model to make it easier for you to acquire the usage you need.

Here are the best features of the stock audio site that can blow you away:

  • Highly searchable library. At PremiumBeat, incredible music awaits. You can explore its exclusive, royalty-free music through a very functional search bar. Search, sort, and filter by genres, mood, BPM, duration, artists, and instruments. Find your perfect match with over 15,000 premium sound in the library.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Yes, the stock music site allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to enhance your browsing experience. Use the left/right to search backward or forward and up/down to play the next and previous song. Use the C button to check out and play/pause your favorite song with the spacebar.
  • Organized collections. Premium Beat has a very organized library that helps you find the music tracks you need easily and quickly. You can search the most popular music or the most recently added tracks in the website. You can also search by genre with Jazz or Classical music. Moreover, you can directly find royalty-free content for your projects.
  • Simple licensing. The stock site prides itself with simple licensing that includes unlimited use within your audio and video projects. Licenses are valid for one music track and include the full song, loops, and short audio clips. To start, select your project type, pay once, and use forever.

Comparison of Royalty-Free Licenses in PremiumBeat
If you are not sure what license you should get, take a look at this brief comparison of the Standard and Premium Licenses.


A standard license allows you to use the audio track and sound for unlimited projects around the world, in perpetuity. It also allows you to use the music files on your website and distribute them non-commercially. However, you are not allowed to add them in advertising, tradeshows, displays, and showrooms. Visit here!


A premium license is perfect for projects that involve non-web advertisement and revenue-generating content. It covers your single venture in perpetuity and allows unlimited use on apps and games. You can also use the audio tracks in pilots and public broadcasting. Moreover, you can use them on national TV and radio, and in industrial and point-of-sale.

Both licenses allow you to use the music tracks in web and corporate, including YouTube, Vimeo, podcasts, and social media. You can also incorporate them into free apps and games. Furthermore, you can use them for film and theatrical of students and festivals.

Creating high-quality creative projects involves more than just your skills and talent. You also need the right music source to help you turn your ideas into reality. Premium Beat offers exclusive audio that sets you apart from your competition. They also feature plans and pricing that fits your creative needs and budget. If you are still not convinced, check out the detailed review of the music site on Stock Photo Secrets.