Choosing Music for Video: 2 Things to Consider

Music plays a very important role in video production. It drives the video forward and creates emotion around your message. However, choosing the right music for video can be a challenging task. You can’t simply choose what sounds great. You need to consider two things to help you pick the perfect song.

  • Emotion
    When people are watching your video, what do you want them to feel? Do you want your target audience to feel warm and fuzzy over testimonials? Or, do you want them to laugh over your candid office scene? There are certain kinds of music that evoke specific types of emotions. You have to find which suits your project best.

 Many music libraries have emotion-based metatags on their tracks, which helps you find a background track that elevates the emotional message of the video. To shop for songs, you can split up your screen, and play your video without sound in one window and the music on the other. This way you can make the perfect match.

  • Looping
    Most pop songs have a pretty standard structure. When you find the right song, the transitions won’t probably jive with your narrative structure. Fortunately, you can loop the music you download. Most stock music agencies provide you with the right to use the track anywhere in your video when you purchase it. You can loop music, so it will fit better into the flow of your video. You can repeat things, cut the bridge, cut the chorus, and more.

Have you found the right background music to work with? If not, we recommend you visit Shutterstock Music. The stock site does not only offer high-quality images and video, but also premium tracks. Browse through the library, and maybe you will find something that will work perfectly in your next video.